Pompom Party: Strawberries & Cream Pompom Garland

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SewYeah is back for the ultimate Summer Strawberries & Cream moment with this fabulous pompom garland. 

So Summer has certainly arrived – right now I can’t fathom Wimbledon being rained off for even one day but then who knows with the fickle English weather. To celebrate my favourite sporting competition I’ve created this cute little Strawberries and Cream Pompom Garland.

These strawberries are so cute, even if you make just one they look great attached to hair bobbles or tied onto a key ring for a mini bag charm. 

You will need:

To make the strawberries

Begin by wrapping one layer of red yard around one half of the maker. 

Next cut two 12cm lengths of the pink yarn and wind one around the maker. Wind it on top of itself so it doesn’t unwrap. Wind the second piece in a different position. 

Then wind another layer of the red yarn so none of the pink shows through. Next, wind another three pieces of the pink yarn onto the maker. Try and wind them in different places to the previous ones. 

Keep alternating between the red and pink yarn till you fill this half of the maker. Then repeat on the other half. 

When your maker is filled with yarn, close it and cut through the yarn till you see the maker inside. Take a 20cm length of the green yarn and wind it around the middle of the pompom maker, tie one tight knot then wind the yarn back around the maker and tie a tight double knot to secure. Do not trim this yarn. 

Remove the maker and give your pompom a shake. 

To trim

Begin by trimming the pompom into a rough sphere shape. As you hold the green yarn ‘stalk’ trim the lower two thirds of the pompom into a cone shape and the upper third  into a more gentle cone shape to create a strawberry shape. Remember the more you trim the neater your strawberry will look. 

To make the calyx (leaves)

Cut a 5cm square of thin card, copy the template in the pictures  and draw out a rough five pointed leaf shape. Cut out and then use this template to cut leaves from the green felt. 

Using a large needle, thread the two pieces of green yarn through the centre of the leaves. Push the leaves right down on top of the strawberry and tie a tight double knot to hold in place. 

Repeat the above instructions to make four more strawberries. You can alternate the colours of yarn and felt for a more varied punnet of strawberries! 

To make the cream

Make five dollops of cream pompoms by winding the champagne, paper white and silver yarns together around the pompom maker. 

To make the garland

Using the long strands of yarn on each pompom tie them onto the bakers twine alternating strawberries and cream as you go. 

 For more pompom fun, check out the blog!

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