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Welcome to Indie June, a month where we celebrate the exciting contribution of independent design in knit and crochet! Merion’s here with a round up of what you can expect this month from our designers of the month…

I love Indie June.  Every year we have a fabulously exciting programme for you, celebrating independent design with a round up of tutorials, interviews and patterns galore. This year is all about new techniques, so we’re learning from the crème de la crème of the knitting world and Nikki Poulton, podcaster and knitter will be taking you through a new technique each week with some handy guides!

So what’s going on?

Week 1: Cables

First up, cable knitting. Whether you’re learning to cable cast-on for the first time, or looking for inspiration for your next project, grab a cup of tea and let Nikki guide you through her favorite tutorials and patterns, from simple cables to travelling, complex cables. She’ll also be chatting to the fabulous cabling maestro Gretha Mensen.

If you’ve not discovered cabling, or even if you’re a cabling queen, you’re going to love the range of patterns we’ve got to show you!

bobble hat cable

Salve! by Gretha Mensen

Week 2: Colourwork

Welcome to the wonderful world of colourwork – it can be as simple as stripes, or as complex as Fair Isle or intarsia – but it’s fabulous fun, and we’ve got some delicious inspiration coming your way! Fiona Alice, the super talented designer from Nova Scotia, is a colour whizz, and her patterns will lead you through simple Fair Isle to the sweetest intarsia mitts.

Nikki’s guide is coming Monday 11th June!


I Heart Handmade – Fair Isle mitts to start your colourwork journey!

Week 3: Short Rows

Short rows terrify knitters, but there’s no need to be scared of such a straight forward technique! Short rows are used to create shape – for example to bend a crescent shawl, or to create features in toys – or even just for decorative effect as you can see so beautifully below in the Toph hat. . There are several ways to knit short rows, from a simple wrap and turn, to a German or Japanese short row. Woolly Wormhead, doyenne of hat knits, is here to show you how it’s done!

Nikki’s guide is coming Monday 18th June!

short rows hat

Marina by Woolly Wormhead

Week 4: Lace

Lace is often a source of consternation amongst knitters, some love it, some are frightened of it – but week four is all about demystifying lace! We’ll have patterns from the fabulous Ankestrick, and wonderful Stella Ackroyd, as well as helpful tutorials and information about how to manage your yarn overs, double yarn overs and other lace stitches!

Nikki’s guide is coming Monday 25th June!

sea shanty shawl

Sea Shanty by Stella Ackroyd

Join us for a month of design celebration and technique tutorials!

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