Yarn Gothic


-Your pattern calls for size 8 needles. You have all the size 8 needles in the world, you buy extras to teach people. You go to grab a pair. There are no size 8 needles.

-Your scarf is 3 feet long. It’s been 3 feet long for a month. No matter how much you knit/crochet, it will always be 3 feet long.

-You made a gauge swatch. It is perfect. The project you’re working on is nowhere near the right size. Your gauge still matches.

-You find the perfect yarn for a pattern you’ve been wanting to make. The craft store doesn’t carry it. The local yarn store doesn’t have it. It may have been discontinued years ago. It may never have existed. You no longer remember where you learned about it. 

-You’re running out of yarn on a project and go to buy more. The dye lot number is different. Is it close enough? Maybe. Pray to the yarn gods, they are sometimes gracious enough to grant small prayers.

-You vow to only buy yarn for planned projects, your stash is getting overwhelming. It doesn’t matter what you plan, your stash will still grow without your help.

-You have yarn you bought for a project once.It didn’t work out and now it sits in your stash. Forever. There will never be another project that’s right for it.

-You took up spinning to curb your yarn habit. Your yarn habit is now your fiber habit and you have dual stashes. You may never actually make anything out of most of the yarn you spin. Both stashes continue to grow when you’re not looking.

-Your wip basket has things in it from years ago. You’ve forgotten about them. You’ve forgotten the patterns. You’re not sure you ever made them in the first place.

-Somehow your 3 foot long scarf is finally long enough. You run out of yarn before the end.

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