Free Tunisian Seed Stitch Dishcloth

I’m a yarnaholic. That means I have more yarn stashed away than any one person could possibly use in three or four lifetimes. There’s something inspiring about yarn that makes me feel I could never have enough.” – Debbie Macomber

Seed stitch, at least for knitters, gets a bad rap – many find it boring to knit. Personally, I love the look enough to put up with the repetitive motion. For a change, why not try out the Tunisian Crochet version? The new free Tunisian Purl Stitch Dishcloth pattern is a great way to try out this fun stitch.

Free Tunisian Seed Stitch Dishcloth pattern from Knit Picks

Designer Tian Connaughton created this nice little pattern for a super scrubby dishcloth. This project is perfect for those looking for a quick project to practice this technique before moving on to larger projects. Grab either Dishie Multi or Dishie solid and a Tunisian Crochet set and you’ll soon have a wonderful and useful project for your kitchen.

Free Tunisian Seed Stitch Dishcloth pattern from Knit Picks

Be sure to download this fun pattern at the links below – and check back here each week to see the club pattern.

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