mrknaogan: Hello, I’ve been out at the Australian Sheep and Wool…


Hello, I’ve been out at the Australian Sheep and Wool Show all day and I have had a hoot. Apart from buying a whole heap of goodies I got to see my entries in the Woolcraft competition. I won a plaque! We’re gonna have to get a pool room!

Mine is the Shetland lace shawl at the back of the first photo, the rainbow beanie with more bobbles than you can poke a stick at in the second and the red and white woven houndstooth scarf in the back of the third. I got two firsts and best entry from a novice.

And here are the goodie details. I bought 3 deconstructed jumpers and some other things.

Goodies photo number 1:
— A Finn fleece (First jumper)
— About 1kg of 8ply yarn (Second jumper)
— 100g of laceweight tencel/wool/cashmere/viscose (Not a jumper)
— 100g of mulberry coloured sockweight wool
— Teeswater tops. I want to spin it into laceweight
— Very fancy merino/cashmere/silk tops
— A small hank of monofilament silk(I may regret trying to knit with this later)
— A very little Turkish spindle
— A wooden yarn bowl
— 114g alpaca/possum carded bump

Goodies photo number 2:
— 4x 100g braids. 3 are merino and 1 is Rambouillet
— 100g of merino tops from Beersheba Farm (This is the last jumper. I’m going to try a combo spin. A very nice purple haired lady said she reckoned it would be enough for it.)

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