rannadylin: A few months ago, at Grandma’s funeral dinner, my…


A few months ago, at Grandma’s funeral dinner, my soon-to-be-8-years-old niece sat down next to me and whispered that she would like me to knit a blanket for her birthday.

“Okay,” said I, happy to get a request from her because my niece is an excellent recipient of hand-knits. She wears the clothes I’ve knit for her (some of which still actually fit…), she plays with the dolls I’ve knit for her (she played with the Kylo Ren doll so much the head fell off and I had to sew it back on…), so of course if she requests something she’s going to get it. “What color?” I asked.

She looked confused, having apparently not considered this before, thought a moment and then asked for a rainbow blanket. I think she inherited my mom’s — her grandma’s — indecisiveness and just couldn’t decide on a single color, but OK, rainbow it is!

Finally, after much knitting (the ruffle alone took over 15 hours, judging by how many episodes of The Great British Baking Show and also Talks Machina went into it, and is nearly the only thing I’ve done for the past two days; it’s a good thing her birthday is during summer break or I might never have got this done), the rainbow blanket is complete! It still needs blocked, but not in my little apartment; I’ll do that at my parents’ house this weekend and then we’ll get some proper finished photos.

Also, I completely misread the ruffle pattern — it was supposed to be knit flat, not in the round around the whole border like I did it — so there’s weird garter stitch sections in there that aren’t meant to be. But I kind of like how it turned out anyway and I sure wasn’t going to redo the 10 hours or so that I’d finished on that ruffle by the time I realized the mistake. So don’t tell my niece and I’m sure it’ll be just fine! 😉

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