Spring Style: Knit Accessories

Just because the weather is warming up doesn’t mean you need to pack away your knits! They are perfect for layering added warmth or adding a pop of color to your outfit. Today let’s talk about how to incorporate some stunning accessories into your spring & summer wardrobe.

Weekend Wear

For casual occasions like shopping or meeting friends for brunch, you want something comfy and easy to style. The Tegan Tee pairs perfect with a pair of jeans with fun accessories. Inspired by the patterns made by sunlight dancing on the surface of the sea, this is a tee to celebrate the return of warmer weather and the expectation of long summer days and of sea and sand. Gorgeous Milanese lace motifs elevate this spare top to a whole other level of lace luxuriousness.


Layer on

For Spring evenings when you need to layer on a little extra warmth, the Junction Shawl is a great option! Not only does it pair well with denim it is a perfect project for confident beginners to practice their lacework. It is also an excellent size to stash in your bag for when you need to use it!


Add a Pop

Do you stick to a strict diet of white, grey and black? Lightweight knits are a great way to add color to your wardrobe! The Eclectic Electric Shawl is a definitely statement piece but pairs well with a  neutral outfit. Inspired by the neon glow and eye-catching geometric designs of signs along the old Route 66, bright stripes of beautiful color zing through the fun and unusual shape of this long triangular shawl.

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