Meet Hillary, new catalog director

Hi guys! My name is Hillary and I am the new Catalog Director at Knit Picks. I am so excited to dive deeper in the the world of knitting and look forward to interacting with more of you.

My knitting journey started about 5 years ago. My mother-in-law taught me how to crochet and then how to knit. I envy people who have the patience to knit large and tedious projects. I love chunky knits because they knit up so fast and am a sucker for the pretty texture.

When I am not designing or knitting I love painting, sewing, and woodworking. My husband and I are in the process of building a house so I always have my hands busy with some sort of building project too!

I can’t wait to start some chunky knit projects with our pretty yarn like, Super Tuff PuffDapple, and The Big Cozy. I look forward to improve my knitting and crochet skills while working for this fun company!

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