LoveKnitting Easter Egg Hunt Competition!

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Happy Easter! To celebrate, join us on our first ever LoveKnitting egg hunt and win a $50/£50 gift card!

Because we know that egg hunts are often reserved for the children in the family, we’ve decided to set one up – just for you! And of course, no egg hunt is complete without a superb gift waiting at the end! In this case, it’s a $50/£50 gift card!

How to enter!

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Follow our clues and find all 9 eggs!
  2. With each egg you will find a number. 
  3. Add up each of these 9 numbers and send the sum to 
  4. Add in the Subject : ‘Knitting Easter egg Hunt’
  5. The first person to send the correct total sum will win a gift card! 

The competition will begin 6:00am March 20th 2018 EST, and will end midnight EST on 1 April, 2018. Full T’s and C’s here.

Here are the clues!

Clue 1: Remember when we got to know a new very British brand? The first egg is hidden here!

Clue 2: To find the next egg, learn how something knitted will help you sleep!

Clue 3: We won’t name the next knitting post! You’ll have to search for it!

Clue 4: Only 6 days left until Christmas in 2013! Here’s the fourth egg!

Clue 5: The next clue is a real challenge. Or 10.

Clue 6: Teddy bears make a great gift for easter! Check out the post we wrote about Teddy bear patterns.

Clue 7: 1+1=2! But what does knitting have to do with math? You’ll find an egg in a post about this!

Clue 8: Knitting can be impressive – these models were not! Woof!

Clue 9: For the last egg you will have to go to the very, very beginning of the LoveKnitting blog!

Fuzzy Easter Chicks

Happy Egg Hunting! Can you find them all?

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