World Poetry Day: Poems from Our Knitting Community

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Us knitters are certainly a creative bunch! It was a total joy to discover (during our Woolentines competition) earlier this year, that so many of our knitters had a gift for weaving words in tribute to their favorite craft! From fun rhymes to intimate odes celebrate World Poetry Day 2018 with these fabulous poems!

World Poetry Day is a global celebration launched by UNESCO to champion the reading, publishing and writing of poetry around the world. From fun wordplay to intimate odes, to celebrate the event on the 21st March 2018, we decided to dedicate a post to some of the fabulous poems from our community!

A Poem of addiction by Stacy Grant

It’s all of the things I’ve ever said … the swear words included
It’s all of the tears I’ve ever shed … when it doesn’t go right.
It’s all of the things I did to you … the knots, the tangles, the scissors
Oh yarn, you know I still love you.

On all of the days we argued and you matted,
On all of the days I wished I’d never started,
It’s all of the things I had to do to pull you through … the hook,
It’s hard to believe sometimes that I still love you!
It’s an addiction.

A Yarn Poem by Jennifer Morie

Yarn is there for gloves when it’s cold,
Keeping digits warm like a fluffy hand hold.
Yarn doesn’t judge when you raid the biscuit tin,
On those cold, crafty, crochet nights in.
Yarn helps us chillax when we’re stressed and doesn’t care if we don’t look our best.
Cheaper than therapy, when we feel blue.
Squishy, fluffy, ball of yarn. How I love you!

A Poem of the knitting journey by Dee Gardinier

It was my dear grandma who taught me to knit
At 8 years old, and I was quick to get it
I’d knit, knit, knit all night and day
Happier with yarn than going out to play
I’ve knit scarves and blankets and many a hat
The cold Ohio winters they’d combat
Now I’ve recently taught myself to crochet
And I’ll teach my younger sisters some day
These memories and the skills gained combined
Is why yarn, needles, and hooks, are my Valentine

I Just Love Knitting Poem by Pam Gardiner

I’m no author
I’m no poet
(But I hate to sew it!)

Cool Crafty Crew Poem by Millie

Wool that is red
Mohair that’s blue
I love all the colours
Especially these two
They say yarn’s addictive
Well maybe that’s true
But I’m part of a cult
A cool crafty crew
We can’t stop the stash
We always want more
And Love Knitting stocks
The wool I adore!

Passion of Wool Poem by Kim Owen

Wool is my passion, with patterns galore,
Making new creations for babies and more.
From garments to blankets all made with love,
For someone important you think the world of.
I love baby changes, the colours are divine,
Old patterns creating new fashion this time.
Compliments make the hobby such pleasure,
The pride is more than you can ever measure.
So knitting or crochet, whatever you love to do,
Keep loving the yarn, and creating goods too.

Have to Knit it All Poem by Deborah Adams

Roses are red
My yarn is too
Except when it’s not
And then it is blue

It could be purple
Or navy or white
No colour is wrong
To knit is just right

From casting on
Enjoying each stitch
But half way through
I get another itch

Looking at patterns
With unfinished wool
Dreaming of new things
To knit with my tool

The tweed knit jumper
The lacy knit shawl
I can’t choose just one
I have to knit all!!

Ode to Yarn by Georgia Green

Yarn is patient, even with beginning knitters; Yarn is kind, even to the color-blind.

Yarn does not envy, not even qivuit (the second-most costly fibre); Yarn does not boast, not even vicuna (the most expensive); Yarn is not proud, not even cashmere (the most — period).

Yarn does not dishonor others, no matter how environmentally consciously its production; Yarn is not self-seeking, no matter how virtuous or charitable its proceeds.

Yarn is not easily angered, although there be tangles untangle-able and cutting doth occur; Yarn keeps no record of wrongs, gracefully surrendering to multiple froggings and reworking.

Yarn does not delight in evil down loops, back bars, and ladders, but rejoices with the truth of righteous stitches well-formed.

Yarn always protects from unintentionally twisted joins, always trusts in properly oriented loops, always hopes for correct row counts, always perseveres to successfully finished object.

Poem by Susan Page

Yarn is more than just wool to me
It’s grandma teaching me to knit
A layette mum made when I three
Yarn, memories come with it.

My sister showing me crochet
One night when I was five,
We made ten granny squares
Waiting for Santa to arrive.

Yes, yarn’s more than just wool
It’s the blanket I made for my first born
The joy I felt when it was full
The tears I cried when it was torn
Yarn is more than just a tool
Each ply, each colour bring texture rich
Crafting a little gem or jewel
By those weaving love with every stitch.

Love is woven with the Yarn Poem by Anne Roy

(With sincere apologies to Shakespeare)

In Spring, a young (OK, not that young!) girl’s fancy surely turns to thoughts of yarn,
Of silk and bamboo, linen, cotton, all stashed in her barn.
A plethora of fibres, all begging to be used,
And magicked into garments, to clothe the ones she loves.

The yarn’s the thing; the happy care, applied in every stitch
To gift to all the special ones, to make their lives more rich,
My granny taught my mother, as she, in turn, taught me,
And love is woven with the yarn, to clothe the ones I love.

Inspired to write your own yarn or crochet inspired poem?Why not share with us in the comments below!

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