Bet We Can Guess What You’re Knitting Right Now!

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Chances are you’ve probably got some sort of WIP (work in progress) going on, right? Answer these six questions and we’ll guess what you are knitting right now! 

The results!

A baby project!

We’re guessing you’re knitting for a child! Maybe some booties or a baby blanket? If not, maybe you should be! Take a look at our amazing patterns!

A cozy blanket!

You want to get cozy with a new comfortable blanket! We bet you’re knitting a new accessory to relax on the couch with. Maybe one of our many patterns?

A sweater or cardigan!

A snazzy new garment is always a good idea! Are you knitting a sweater or cardigan? If you aren’t, but you want to, there’s a lot of patterns here just waiting for you to get your needles on!

A hat, mittens, or a scarf!

Get ready for a winter vacation or a frosty walk on the countryside! Are you already knitting, or do you need some more inspiration?

Something for your pet!

We all love crocheting for our friends and loved ones, but you can’t forget your furry friends! If you need some help, check out our pet patterns here if you want to make our prediction come true!

Did we get it right? Tell us in the comments!

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