podkins: Eastern Jewels Blanket WOW! This is beyond…


Eastern Jewels Blanket

WOW! This is beyond stunning!  Janie Crow’s original design “Persian Tiles” blanket has a new look!. It has been re-coloured by Lucia Dunn of Lucia’s Fig Tree and now features jewel-like motifs which create a series of mesmerising shapes and patterns that sing with colour! 

Lucia is known for the joyful use of colour on her blog, and her interpretation of this iconic design is quite simply vibrant. Taking the inspiration for her palette from summer in her home country of Italy, and sea villages on the Italian shores, Lucia has used different colours in each motif, much like the multicoloured houses in these villages, to give a more bohemian feel.

Now, sadly (or not depending on what you like) the ONLY way to currently get this pattern is through a kit.  These are selling at a bunch of yarn shops (so Google or check your fav) but I found it HERE at Stylecraft.

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