Bet We Can Guess Who Taught You to Knit!

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Everyone had to start somewhere! But who taught you your first stitch? While learning to knit is a life long pursuit (always a new skill to polish), it’s important to remember where it all started! Take our quiz and see if we can guess who taught you how to knit.


Your Grandma!

Learning to knit is often a craft passed down from generation to generation! We’re guessing you wanted to uphold the tradition and learned how to knit from your dear grandma. For you it will always be more than a hobby, it’s a connection to your family!

A friend or colleague!

Knitting together is a great excuse to sit down, sip some Prosecco or coffee and chat with a friend or colleague! Learning the craft together or from one another is just as much fun as exchanging new project ideas – we think you can relate.

A Parent!

It’s a parent’s job to teach us valuable, useful skills and knitting is definitely among those! Not only is it a great time spent with family, it’s also a great asset when building your own comfy home away from home. We’re guessing your mom or dad played a vital row in you learning to knit.

In School!

As much as we all loved to complain while we were still in school, there are one or two things we will always cherish. One of them is learning the basic crafting essentials – knitting included! Are you among those grateful for the skills learned in school?


Curiosity brought you to books, videos, and blogs to learn everything about knitting! For you it’s all about de-stressing and expressing yourself. You like to get comfy with your knitting and take some well deserved you-time. Questions about where you bought your cool new sweater won’t get boring either!

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