Can You Spot the Knitwear in These Images?

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British Brighton-based Photographer Joseph Ford‘s new photographic collection stitches knitting, photography and visual direction together to create mind-bending illusions that show knitwear blend into its surroundings! 

With knitted sweaters crafted by Ford’s colleague Nina Dodd, inspired by urban locations, the stunning project stitches together superb art direction and fibercraft to play with perception!

Four years in the making, Ford’s distinct work is all about the detail. Each sweater taking an estimated 40 hours to craft inspired by carefully selected locations including a bus, running track, street art and even a hedge!

At LoveKnitting, we love to see our favorite craft used by current artists like Ford in challenging perceptions and pushing creative boundaries!

Which camouflage knit is your favorite? Why not let us know in the comments below!

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