National Pizza Day: Knit Your Own Slice!

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Who doesn’t love a pizza party!? With over 4 billion pizzas sold in the US per year, it’s no wonder it has its very own National Day on the 9th of February! To celebrate, what could be better then knitting your very own slice!?

This fabulous Pepperoni the Rat pattern from Amanda Berry is just the gift for the pizza-lover in your life. Featuring yarn Hayfield Bonus DK, the pattern shows you how to knit your this lovable Rataouille-style rodent complete with pizza slice! 

A fabulous pattern for intermediate knitters, Amanda’s design uses Fair Isle to create a tasty (non-edible!) crust, tomato and cheese base, along with pepperoni topping! Perfect since pepperoni is North America’s most popular flavor. You can always customize to suit your tastebuds! And while you’re hard at work knitting, don’t forget to order take out!


How are you celebrating National Pizza Day? Why not share with us in the comments below!

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