Winter Survival Guide

“Winter is not a season, it’s an occupation.” – Sinclair Lewis


Unless you live below the 35th parallel, chances are you have had to endure your fair share of winter weather lately.  While I am able to appreciate the beauty of falling snow and all things chilly, I find that the likelihood is far greater if I am doing so from the comfort of my couch, with a snoring dog next to me and a fresh cup of coffee within reach. I mean really, could there BE a better time to sit and knit? Not in my world.

That being said, I wonder: why is winter so univerally maligned? Perhaps it was Shakespeare’s fault for equating winter with a lack of contentment. That’s not for me to say. I will say that by following these semi-pro tips, the days left until Spring should feel like one big warm fuzzy, complete with finished projects to enjoy year round!

Tip#1: Create a cozy spot to work/nap/ snack

Knit Picks blog - BillowWe suggest a giant pile of our 8 plied cotton Billow yarn.

Tip#2: Grab your favorite mug 

Knit Picks MugYou’ll want to keep a steady stream of hot tea and/or coffee on tap to fuel your craft sessions. Which is your perfect mug?

Tip#3: Put on some tunes

I’m on a pretty serious 60’s French pop kick right now. This album from Chantal Goya is on repeat constantly for me (I’m actually listening to it as I write this).

Tip#4: Keep a few sources of inspiration nearby

Knit Picks blog postThis one is a no-brainer for someone who tends to hover on the anxious end of the spectrum (raises hand).

KNnt picks blogDid I mention I have a 66lb Boxer named Debbie? I do. She doesn’t like to be cold either.

Knit Picks blog

As someone who is trying to relearn how to knit and crochet the right way (instead of just figuring things out through experimentation over the years), this is a great reference for all aspects of knitting.

Tip#5: Gather ALL the snacks

Knit Picks blog

I like to choose things that keep my fingers (relatively) free of crumbs and stickiness. Banana chips, a crisp apple, celery sticks, Tillamook cheese, salt & pepper pistachios, and maybe a fancy chocolate bar, like Theo’s Salted Almond Chocolate bar, are some of my go-to’s. Oh, and a napkin.

Tip#6: Pick your dream project

Knit Picks blog

Admittedly, I am not ready in terms of skill-level to take on a project like the Happily Sweater, which is why I consider it one of my dream projects. Who knows though? Maybe by March I will be.


There you have it. With 56 days left until the first official day of Spring, you’ll have PLENTY of time to put these tips to the test. Stay warm out there folks!





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