Can You Answer These Knitting Questions?

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How much do you know about the craft of knitting? Can you answer all our question? Check out if you really are a knitting pro with our quiz!

1-3 Points: Well, there’s always room for improvement! But don’t worry – read all about knitting on our blog or site and try again!

4-6 Points: Good job! Needles and yarn are nothing new for you – you have a solid knowledge of knitting, but why stop there?

7-9 Points: You’re almost there! Get your yarn and needles out and knit to celebrate your unbelievable knowledge of the craft! Maybe one of those patterns?

10 Points: You’re a knitting pro! We’re seriously impressed – you know all there is to know, but that’s really no reason to stop now is it? Check out our knitting patterns or treat yourself to some yarn!

What score did you get?

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