Learn the Popcorn Stitch for Popcorn Day!

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Your favourite movie snack has it’s own DAY! Let’s celebrate by learning how to knit the popcorn stitch!

On the 19th January, it’s Popcorn Day! Who doesn’t love popcorn? If you don’t like it sweet and buttery, caramelised or covered in chocolate, you can jazz it up with salt and chilli, cheese, herbs and spices – there are so many ways to eat popcorn, it’s definitely worth celebrating!

Corn was used in headdresses by ancient Aztecs to honour their god of maize, Tlaloc, and we can only imagine how thrilling it must have been, years ago, to see it pop into the little bundles of white that we love – but it wasn’t until the 1880s that Charles Cretors, who owned a candy-store, developed a machine for popping corn with steam. By 1900 he had horse-drawn popcorn wagons trundling through the streets of Chicago, and the national passion for popcorn was well and truly formed.

These days we can pop our popcorn in the microwave, but popcorn purists still love to create their creations on the hob with all manner of delicious combinations!

Knitting popcorn stitch is beautifully easy – it’s just a case of knitting and purling stitches into the same stitch to create a little bundle. There are two or three methods for this (called popcorn or bobble stitch) but we’ve made a video tutorial for the easiest of them all.

How to knit the popcorn stitch

Knit along to the stitch where you’d like the popcorn bundle to appear.

Without taking the stitch off the left hand needle, knit it, bring the yarn to the front and purl into the same stitch. Take the yarn around the back of the work and knit again, and bring the yarn around the front and purl into the stitch again.  Then take the yarn around to the back of the work, and continue to knit the row.

You can add popcorn stitches wherever you want to add texture – in a scarf, or hat – or around the yoke of a sweater, as Imke Nathusius has done here, in the gorgeous Rustia sweater!

Rustia sweater

Or these sweet little Baby Popcorn bootees by Ardree Designs!

Happy Popcorn Day!

Learn new stitches with our video tutorials!


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