Quiz Time! Which Hiberknitting Animal are you?

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Nothing remedies the winter chill than a cozy night. But which hiberknitting creature are you? Take our fun personality quick to find out whether you are a cozy bear, or perhaps a doting dormouse? Maybe you’re a funky skunk or a fancy ladybird? There’s only one way to find out! Answer these 10 questions to discover which hiberknitting animal you are!


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You love nothing better than curling up in the cold months to finish those unfinished knitting projects and making sure that uneaten holiday chocolate doesn’t go to waste! You feel most at home with gorgeous natural woodland tones and thick cozy yarns.


You like to make a statement! From top to toe, you are one of a kind with your bold designs and striking colorways. It might be winter but your creativity and flair for interesting design is already putting spring in your step!  


Demure and understated perfectly describes your knitting style. With soft yarns galore this Winter, your projects are always the epitome of cozy chic. You love to knit with friends around you, where you can pick up a new stitch technique (or two)!  


Always one leap ahead of the knitting pack, hiberknitting gives you a chance to hop ahead with that brand new knitting project! Bright blues and green tones reflect your love of adventure and creative spirit. Full of energy, hiberknitting is all about trying something new and planning ahead.


No winter blues for you! Elegant and classy, you love sultry shades of red and rich textures that show off your exquisite taste. You’re always on the look out for inspiration, whether on a woodland walk or trip to museum of gallery.


You love your creature comforts! Hiberknitting is the perfect time to stock up on your stash and take a rest after the hype of Christmas. This is snooze season, a time to restore before the bustle of spring – unless that is your not rustling up a super cozy bulky sweater in your favorite shade.

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