5 Free Patterns to Get You Through Blue Monday!

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Are you or your friends feeling a little under the weather lately? There might be a scientific reason why people are feeling at the moment – “Blue Monday” is coming up!

Both the name and date come from a travel company called “Sky Travel” and first made their appearance in 2005. Blue Monday is the third Monday in January (this year it’s the 15th) and is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year!

How can they be sure of that you may ask? Well, there are two equations that they take into account several factors including time since Christmas, personal debt, weather, failing New Year’s Resolutions, and time spent sleeping.

To be fair, the whole thing is probably less than accurate and not exactly scientifically sound, but it’s true that by the end of January, we might feel the Christmas and New Year cheer fade. But don’t worry! A little bit of crafting can get you back on track in no time – after all, knitting has been proven to be good for the body and soul!

Check out our free Blue Monday knitting patterns to get over your Winter Blues! And don’t worry, only 5 more months until the happiest day of the year in June!

Scarf in Blue Sky Fibers Techno

Favorite Blue/White Blanket in Bernat Softee Baby Solids

knitted baby blanket

Snowflakes at Night Hat

knitted hat

Niagara River Socks

knitted sock

Cryin’ Icicles

knitted cowl

What’s your favorite method to battle Winter Blues?

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