Trend Predictions for 2018

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After consulting our knitting experts, carefully examining the fashion forecast, and casting on to what’s hot amongst our fabulous knitting community, we’ve rounded up our knitting trend predictions for 2018! Get ready for evocative projects, cosmic colors, understated vintage styles and crafts to make a splash!

1.  Cozy Knits

Yes, the granny sweater craze continues into the new year with classic designs appearing on runways in Paris and London for 2018. This year we predict lots of cozy cream and ivory shades, oversized for the ultimate understated hygge chic!

Catherine Jumper

Alexi Cardigan

2. Heritage Knits

Taking inspiration from the British landscape and Scottish Highlands, heritage knitwear sees whimsical styles in earthy tones, with distinct design features reminiscent of weathered walks and windswept outdoor excursions. 2018 will bring a new surge of modern classics!

Vanessa Jumper 

Astrid Pullover

Edward Jumper 

3. Pretty in Pink

Candy floss, bubblegum, or dusky, explore soft and flattering shades in pretty hues of pink. Flattering for all seasons, look out for blushing tones in adult and children’s apparel in the coming months! 

Nina Dress

Strawberry Pink Sideways Cardigan and Hat

Pink Memories Sweater

4. Seaside

From delicate wave-inspired stitches to shipyard chunky knits, playful underwater motifs and aquatic themed projects, seaside patterns are here to make a splash over the next 12 months!

Water Shawl

Hug of the Ocean Blanket

Mermaids Tale Snuggle Blanket

Shipyard Rib Cap

5. Ultra Violet

Pantone, the leading color experts, recently announced Ultra Violet as the top of the pop palette for 2018! For opulent and provocative knitwear that is cosmically on point, opt for intense purple shades in chunky, sporty and fine yarns!

Scheepjes Sunkissed

Crazy Sexy Wool

Twisty Violet Cap


Have you spotted any knitting trends amongst the LoveKnitting community? Why not share your own trend predictions with us in the comments below!

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