Quiz Time! Which Breed of Sheep is Your Spirit Animal?

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Are you a marvellous Merino or a wild Peruvian Highland sheep? A curious Falkland or poised Blue-Faced Leicester? Don’t be sheepish! Discover which breed of sheep is your spirit animal with our personality quiz! Just answer the following questions to find out!

What your sheep spirit animal says about you…


Loved by all, you live life to the full! A sucker for romantic comedies and an affinity for beautiful bold colors, you’re always ready for an adventure!

Blue-Faced Leicester

Attention to detail is key! You favor quality over quantity any day. With your unique style you’re certainly not one to follow the flock.

Peruvian Highland

You’re the top gaucho of the herd! You feel at home in the great outdoors. Your style is fuss free, and effortlessly chic.

Falkland Islands

Playful and creative! You’re one of a kind with your eclectic style. Where will your curiosity lead you next!?

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