What Will Santa Bring You for Christmas?

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Christmastime always comes with the excitement of giving and receiving gifts! But what does Santa have in store for you this year? Find out with our quiz!

Don’t want to wait for Santa to bring around your gift?

I’m getting a hat! Check out our hat patterns here – for everyone who wants to brave the cold outdoors and still stay warm!

I’m getting a sweater! Our sweater patterns are great for everyone who likes to cuddle up in front of the fire over Christmas!

I’m getting a bunch of yarn! Want to make your stash bigger? We’ve got you covered with our great selection of yarn – no matter the fibre or color you want, you’ll find it here!

I’m getting toys! More on the playful side? Why not knit some toys with our awesome patterns! You’ll find them here on our website and of course every accessory you need as well!

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