When I tell people I knit…

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Knitters unite in the fact that they have to defend their hobby to someone else at one point or another! There is of course absolutely no reason for that, but if you look at the reactions you get when saying you knit, you could start seeing a pattern (pun intended)!

What my friends think I do

If said friends don’t share the lovely hobby that is knitting, they might think we are just a tad too crazy about patterns, yarn and needles! But if knitting sweaters for our eight-armed friends is wrong – who wants to be right?

What my parents thinks I do

If you got a pence for every time someone from your family has asked you “don’t you have enough yarn?”, you would probably spend all that money on more yarn. The answer is of course NO! And at least you are easy to get presents for!

What society thinks I do

Some knitters might be older than others, but people still seem to believe knitting is for grandmothers only! Don’t let that stop you, though! Kids, men, teens and grandparents can all enjoy the beauty of this craft.

What other knitters think I do

Why do knitters always seem to assume that others are better, quicker or more creative than they are? Thoughts like I could never do that surface as soon as we see the awesome project of our fellow crafters, but the truth is: they are thinking the exact same thing, so just keep knitting!

What I think I do

We’re crafters and fashion designers in one person, which is pretty cool! Knitting might just be the new yoga, it’s so trendy. Even if some people might not see it just yet, we’ve got your back! You rock!

What I’m actually doing

Who doesn’t love a good knitting pattern? As soon as you see one you just need to start a new project, or two, or three…! So long as we can’t bewitch our knitting needles, the WIPs will continue to pop up, but at least we’re having fun, right? And that’s really all that matters!


Even if some of these stereotypes might be true, it doesn’t mean you should ever stop creating! Own those preconceptions and knit on!

Which knitting stereotypes have you encountered before? Let us know in the comments!

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