Maths and Knitting: Fibonacci Day

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What happens when mathematical equations meet beautiful knitting patterns? Discover mesmerizing projects designed using Fibonacci sequences!

The Fibonacci spiral, also known as the Golden Spiral, is a numerical pattern that was first identified in the Western world by Italian mathematician Fibonacci.

The sequencing sees numbers, starting from 0 – 1, advance with the next number being the sum of the last two. For instance, [0 + 1] 1, [1 + 1] 2, [1 + 2] 3, [2 + 3] and so on…

So how does this relate to knitting?

The formula produces beautiful interconnected quarter circles, which result in a gorgeous spiral formation! While Fibonacci might have identified the sequence, this formation is actually one of mother nature’s very own designs, appearing in galaxies, hurricanes, leaves, shells and even sunflower seeds!

The beautiful rich texture and colorwork of knitware produced from this blueprint is just incredible!

Fibonacci Golden Spiral

From her Science is Beautiful series comes this elegant shawl by Kimberly Golynskiy, where we can see the beautiful Fibonacci spiral outworked though ripples of fabric giving complexity and texture to the project!

golden spiral knitting pattern

Circled Hat

This is the second edition to Woolly Wormhead’s Circled collection! This beautiful patternsees concentric rings in the Fibonacci sequence worked down from the crown of the head, to create a modern and contemporary fashion accessory!

wooly wormhead hat

Infinitely Fibonacci

No ordinary stripy cowl! This wonderful project by Eileen V, uses the Fibonacci sequence to create stripe detailing thats crammed with intrigue, as the stripes increase in thickness and intensity. Pick your favourite DK yarn and watch the swirls of stripes ripple through your knitwear.

Aquilegia Shawl

This Aquilegia shawl features a beautifully intricate zig-zag design created by the Fibonacci formation. This lovely accessory sums up cozy elegant knitwear perfectly!

Medio Cowl

Designed by Laura Nelkin uses the Fibonacci striping sequence to create dizzying colorwork in this lovely Media Cowl.

Fibonacci Bunny

Last but certainly not least, this adorable Bunny pattern uses the Fibonacci sequencing to create sweet stripe detailing in the inner ears and on the little bunny legs.


Do you have your own Fibonacci project you’d like to share? Why not join the other knitters on our site!

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