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Who doesn’t love alpaca yarn? Softer than sheep’s wool and gentle on the skin, we love using in our knitting projects. Here at the LoveKnitting HQ, we couldn’t get enough of these cute alpacas, with their warm fuzzy fleeces and big gorgeous eyes!

Their expressive faces and hilarious characters – there really is an alpaca for every day of the week! Here is a round up of some of our favourites…


Monday motivation! After a chocolate croissant and a latte, Archie was feeling top of his game!


There was a new alpaca in the yard, which had caught the attention of the whole crowd.


It was only Wednesday, but Sandrine was feeling the mid-week burn!


Alpaca or Chewbacca? Maurice couldn’t see the resemblance.


Nom nom nom! As soon as it turns 6 o’clock, you’ll find Fuzz-licity by the hay-bucket. Bring on the weekend!


Boris tried to capture his good side with a obligatory weekend selfie. (This was attempt thirty-two!)


Agnes loved Sunday hikes. Every weekend she al-pacas her bags and going on a little adventure!

Why not share your favourite alpaca moment by commenting below! And don’t forget to check out our range of discounted yarns in our BIG NOVEMBER SALE!

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