The 7 Stages Every Knitter Goes Through!

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We know what happens to us when we find the knitting pattern of our dreams! Does this happen to you too?

Stage 1: Euphoria!

You’ve found it! The pattern you have been searching for – the perfect pattern that has eluded you for months. Love at first sight is real! The technicalities are exciting, and OK you haven’t perfected those techniques but it’s all part of the journey! You dream of just how well it’s going to work with your wardrobe – the perfect pattern has been found at LAST!

This pattern is going to CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

Stage 2: Excitement

Yarn and colour fills your mind. You have the perfect yarn in mind, but what if there is a different yarn?  It IS the perfect pattern after all, and you might want to knit it more than once! Might it be better to have one in mustard AND one in something neutral? Or should you be bold and try an accent colour? There IS some yarn in your stash that would do, but perhaps THIS PATTERN deserves something new? If it’s going to be a favourite, then perhaps it needs to be a better yarn? (After all, I haven’t tried yak yarn yet and it’s supposed to be super warm…)

You have to  hold yourself back from starting until you have exactly what you want yarn wise. Or can you?

Stage 3: Planning

It comes down to serious planning now.  You check your needles, and hopefully, you’ve got the right lengths and sizes (and of course you will factor in the kind of yarn you are using and wonder whether you need a new set of fixed circulars?) The pattern is downloaded ready to use on your LoveKnitting app, and you’ve got a new project bag at the ready.

You’ve read through the pattern in more detail, and you know there are a few techniques you’re not 100% about but it’ll be FINE!

Stage 4: Self doubt…

Oh dear. Was it all a big mistake? Can you really pull off that lace repeat/travelling cable/Kitchener stitch? Was this a step too far? You love the pattern but can you really cope with that many stitches on a needle? Are you ready to step away from accessories? Will you really WEAR it?

It’ll be FINE!!! You get past these awful worries as soon as you cast on! Joy of joys, you’re knitting happily and dreaming of wandering around the woodland on a dreamy photoshoot-styled day leaning up against trees and throwing leaves wearing your new knit! Learning new skills is part of the fun!


Stage 5: Horror!

It all goes horribly wrong. WHY on EARTH did you start this? After ripping out the first few rows of pattern and forgetting to use a lifeline, you seriously consider starting over, but can you face knitting that twisted rib again?

In horror, you stuff the WIP into that shiny new project bag and glare at it across the room. You do anything other than knit and try to ignore it beaming out at you wherever you go in the house. You can’t get to sleep for thinking about it. It wakes you up in the middle of the night. You wake up trying not to think about it but it’s there, in the back of your mind…

Alongside the heartfelt misery, you feel waves of disappointment: you really thought you could do it….  but can you?

A little voice in the darkness whispers, “shall I have another try?”

Stage 6: Determination

You love it. You can do it. It will just take a little bit more grit and slow progress! You will not be humbled at the first hurdle! You get up, you dust off your needles and you KNIT! Bring ON those cables! Bring ON that lace! Twisted rib? HA! You can DO THIS!

Stage 7: JOY!

The satisfaction of finishing a knitting project is like nothing else in the world! The utter joy of wearing something you have knitted and finished is thrilling!

What happens to you when you read a knitting pattern?

Tell us all about it in the comments!


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