10 Things You Can Knit to Get into the Christmas Spirit!

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Christmas goodies are beginning to appear in shops already, and it’s only October! Not everyone is feeling the Christmas spirit quite yet – but casting on a few festive knits will rekindle the Christmas magic!

Knitting for Christmas can be divided into two camps: gifts, and home. It’s quite likely you will be choosing patterns to knit as gifts, but you might just have a few little ideas up your sleeve to make your home look more festive too! Once you’ve identified what you want to make (and for whom), you need to think about timescales! Rule number one, largest projects first! With this in mind, I have chosen 10 projects for you starting with the biggest first!

1. Just me and my Mom by Eileen V

Just me and my mom jumpers

Matching Christmas jumpers! Divine! These beautiful colourwork jumpers are knitted in a worsted or aran weight yarn, and an adult sized jumper is a big knit – so you need to factor in lots of time if you’re knitting them for more than one member of the family!

2. Merry Christmas Sweaters to Knit by Sue Stratford

Merry Christmas sweaters to knit

Sue Stratford’s “Merry Christmas Jumpers to Knit” is a book chock full of novelty Christmas jumpers adorned with Santa, snowmen, Christmas puddings, reindeer and Christmas trees! It’s a great investment to have all of these fun Christmas jumper patterns in one little book!

3. Christmas pudding car seat

car seat cover

Oh what a darling little blanket for a baby’s car seat! Get this made before the beginning of December so that you can tote your little angel around in festive style and keep them warm at the same time!

4. Christmas Nativity Set by Knitables


Bring the spirit of Christmas into your home and knit this fabulous nativity set – it’s bound to be a treasured heirloom that you get out every year and pass down through the family for generations to come!

5. Festive Christmas Stockings by Janice Anderson

Festive Christmas stockings

Knitted from the toe up, these fabulous Christmas stockings include a wealth of exciting techniques from a Turkish cast on to cord bind off – but the pattern is full of helpful instructions and designed for those new to sock knitting. If you’re a seasoned sock knitter, these will be pure fun!

6. Christmas Trees 2 by Squibblybups

trees 2

Following on from the success of the first Squibblybups Trees pattern, this second forest is full of fun stitchery! More heirlooms to hang on the tree or arrange into a sweet display on the mantlepiece!

7. Snowflake Cushion by Vicki Bird

Snowflake cushion

This fabulous snowflake cushion is a must-knit – perfect for your home or as a gorgeous gift for a friend! It would look fabulous with any background colour – whatever works with your decor!

Elfbaby hat by Robynn Weldon

Elf babyhat

Swoon! Have you ever seen anything so sweet? This little elf baby hat is divine, and perfect to wear throughout December! It can snuggle right down over little tiny ears! I love the little tree rib motif!

Snowlight beret by Katie M


This beautiful Snowlight Beret would make a fabulous gift or a treat for yourself. Why not make two? Knitting this would certainly catapult me right into the midst of Christmas celebrations!

The Juno Christmas Jumper by Alice Neal

Juno Christmas dog jumper

Lastly, but so importantly, knitting the dog a Christmas jumper is a MUST! Get ready to wear it throughout the festive season and be admired by ALL dog walkers and canine friends!

What will you be knitting to get into the Christmas spirit?

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