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Adorable Handmade Fingerless Gloves by Natalija Bran

Lithuanian artist Natalija Bran’s favorite hand-crafts include crochet, knitting and paper art, which are lovingly inspired by her three daughters. Bran’s most popular pieces are her handmade knitted fingerless gloves composed of wool and acrylic yarn to trap heat. They are adorned with vibrant floral and animal designs.

Her embroidery work is usually feminine insertions of nature, which include the presence of bees, flowers and other woodland creatures. Each glove is decorated with an intricate Victorian border, which mimics romantic lace patterns.

Although Bran’s designs are intensely saccharine and enchanting, they were built with function in mind. The charming pieces keep your hands warm and fuzzy, while allotting freedom to your fingers to use. You can find more super adorable designs in her Etsy shop.

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