10 Thoughts You Have When Buying Yarn

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What thoughts go through your mind when you’re contemplating that next wonderful woolly purchase?  Is it a buying frenzy and you just can’t resist all those gorgeous colours or do you ponder and deliberate over each sumptuous skein? Here are ten thoughts you might have when buying yarn! 

1. Must stay focused – ooo such a pretty yarn! What was I looking for again?

2. I need these 3 colours but would it be ok to also have the other 57 shades?


3. Well if I’m buying the pattern I might as well get the yarn too.


4. Now where am I going to hide this?



5. I’ll have to make sure I’m in when this arrives, it definitely won’t fit through the letter box!


6. One more ball won’t hurt…


7. At this price how can I say no!


8. I just want to look at this yarn and squish it and never ever use it.


9. I’m saving myself a fortune in therapy with this purchase.


10. Cancel all plans this weekend, I’ve got new yarn.


Let us know what thoughts you have when buying yarn!

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