These Alpacas will Brighten Your Monday

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You might know them for the beautiful yarn created from their fleece, but here at LoveKnitting we love these fuzzy, adorable animals with a passion, which is why we thought we’d share some of our favorite alpacas with you…

1. The More-Of-A-Weekend Kind-a-Fella…

Someone tried to ask Harold a question before he’d had his morning coffee…

2. The Trend-Setter


Tina was blindly optimistic about her new hair do.

3. The Good Cop / Bad Cop

“No need to be a-llama, it’s all under control!” said Boris and Clive, the two responding officers on the scene.

4. The Show-Stopper

alpaca knitting

Gary was was warming up his voice with a quick alpacapella!

5. The First Date Freshman

alpaca knitting

Burt might have been nervous for his date but at least he did his hair!

6. The Youngsters


Curly-Sue and her new boyfriend Fuzz were a bit distracted during the annual family holiday photograph.

7. The Model Poser


Estelle was ready for her Vogue shot.

8. The Yin Yang Twins

Lois and Lloyd were two sides of the same coin!

9. The Budding Photographer

“Hey Maud”, said Geraldine, “how about moving the camera up a few more inches?”

10. The Optimist

alpaca knitting

Archie just had this tingly feeling this week was going to be AWESOME!

If you love alpacas as much as we do, why not share with us your favorite gags that al-pac-a-punch (sorry!), in the comments section. Happy Monday!

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