Knitting Club: Cool at School!

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When you think of high school clubs, you probably think of football or hockey, maybe drama or art club. But at one school the hot new trend all the kids are talking about is knitting.


schoolgirls knitting


18 months ago, math teacher Mrs. Warren started a knitting club at the secondary school where she works along with two other teachers, Mrs. Nevison and Mrs. Vara. This group of 12 keen young knitters ranges in age from 10 to 15 years old, with a mixture of girls and boys.  They all meet once a week to knit everything from scarves and snoods to phone covers and small blankets, and the club’s been more of a success than anyone could have predicted! They can even be found at break knocking on Mrs. Warren’s door when they need a bit of knitting help or when their knitting is looking more like a parallelogram than a square!

Some of the students already knew how to knit and had been taught by family, but the majority were brand new to knitting and learnt through the knitting club.

Tyler, already on his way to becoming a seasoned knitter after three years, was taught by his nan. Every time he visited his nan he’d ask to do some knitting. Tyler’s currently working on a scarf for a teddy his nan made, but next on his list is a hat for his nan. We think she’ll be over the moon!

pax alpaca knitting

Sophie was also taught by her nan, now she’s been knitting for five years and is planning to make a mermaid sleeping bag for her sister’s doll, next it’ll be a full-sized version! Sophie loves the knitting club because everyone is kind and relaxed and she gets lots of amazing ideas from Mrs. Warren.

knitted mermaid tail

Sophie wasn’t the only one to mention how relaxed the club is. Cerys, who’s only been knitting for a year, also enjoys the club because it’s relaxing, calm and fun.  We all know the calming properties of knitting and in an environment as busy and energetic as a school, taking a bit of time out to breathe and relax sounds like a great idea! Cerys is currently working on a striped scarf, and it’s easy to imagine just how relaxing those rows must be, just try and fit in as many as you can before the bell rings!

rowan knitting scarf

Knitter of two years, Lucy was taught by her nan to knit too and is currently working on a scarf. She enjoys the relaxed nature of knitting and loves going to the club because all her friends go. What could be better than knitting with all your friends, sounds like bliss to us! Next on Lucy’s list? A stuffed toy animal, we think those intricate details for the face will be a great challenge – and if she gets stuck she’s got her friends and Mrs. Warren to hand to help out!

monkey knitting

One of the newer knitters in the group, Poppy has been knitting for ten months and not one to hold back, she’s dived straight in and is working on an owl toy. Poppy learnt to knit using YouTube tutorials and plans to make a patchwork blanket next.  Those squares will be the perfect size for slipping into her backpack for knitting on the go!

knitted owls


It’s inspiring how quickly and how well this club has taken off, with Mrs. Warren being inundated by students wanting to join and learn to knit. Fortunately, some of the students who have been knitting for longer can help out those learning. And the excitement when someone manages to cast on for the first time, well let’s just say it’s as exciting as finally understanding algebra (maybe even more so… shh don’t tell Mrs. Warren).

Were you lucky enough to learn to knit when you were young? Perhaps you even learnt in school? Or maybe you’ve passed down your own skills to children and grand-children? Let us know in the comments.






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