How you can help victims of South Asia Floods

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The heartbreaking news of severe widespread flooding in Asia has stirred us to take action here at LoveKnitting. While some of our friends and family overseas have personally been affected by the crisis, our attention is further drawn to the millions of young precious lives devastated by what is believed to be the worst flooding in the region for over 15 years.

At the heart of this crisis, the lives of 6.8 million children in India and at least 600,000 in Bangladesh are believed to be at risk. The build up of contaminated stagnant water has already raised worrying concerns over cholera outbreaks in Nepal.

LoveKnitting will be donating 100% of UK profits in September to Save the Children, who are leading the relief effort on the ground in the areas most severely affected. Money will go towards providing temporary shelter, hygiene kits, as well as, kitchen and education kits for vulnerable families. While it’s easy to get overwhelmed by statistics, we’ve always been inspired by the courage and compassion of our knitters. We believe that together we might provide some comfort and relief during this time.

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How can you help?

Troubled times like these often bring out the best in people, and while we all want to help those who have been affected by this terrible disaster, it can be confusing figuring out where to send donations.

Give Money to These Charities:

In the wake of any catastrophe there are bound to be many charities that pop up out of nowhere. Some maybe be scams, while others might have good intentions but without the means of getting donations to the people who need them. Charity Navigator is a great tool if you’d like to find out more about these or other charities and how trustworthy they are. Here is a small list of charities that are trusted and proven to provide real help to those that need it:

Thanks to their Emergency Fund, Save the Children are able to reach families in all three countries, providing vital lifesaving to support and care. Distributing essential shelter, hygiene and education kits to families in India, vital hygiene and kitchen kits to Bangladesh and hundreds of tarpaulins so families can seek refuge in temporary shelter in Nepal.




Unicef, a global children’s charity has created the Children’s Emergency Fund, which provides help for vulnerable children and young adults caught up in disasters.





UK-based charity, Oxfam has already initiated an emergency response, which will provide non-food items including fleece blankets and hygiene kits as well as working to provide food security and safe drinking water.




ActionAid also maintains an Emergency Action Fund, which you can donate to here.

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