Podcast 259: Fantastic Felici

Knit Picks Podcast, Episode 259: Fantastic Felici - Summer 2017 Value Pack

You might think you know our stupendous, self-striping sock yarn, Felici, with it’s sensously soft 75% Merino Wool, 25% Nylon blend and ever-changing selection of brilliant colors, in classic fingering or new worsted weights. Whether you’re a devoted follower or a burgeoning novitiate, you might be surprised at what you learn with this glimpse behind the scenes for one of our favorite yarns to develop.

To start, I chat about Felici color development with two keystones to the process, Art Director Heidi and Merchandise Buyer Alexis. While everyone at Knit Picks plays some part, these two ladies are essential to every Felici release.

To followup, Catalog Director Hannah and Outreach Director Stacey talk through their favorite possibilities for Felici, with plenty of pattern suggestions. Two of our most experienced knitters, they prove that there’s more to Felici than socks.


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Mentioned in this Episode:
  • New Felici colorways discussed by Alexis and Heidi:
    • Changed in development
      Knit Picks Podcast: Fantastic Felici - Spring Blossoms Knit Picks Podcast: Fantastic Felici - Witch's Brew Knit Picks Podcast: Fantastic Felici - Candy Shoppe
      Spring Blossoms, Witches Brew, Candy Shoppe
      (For more on these, you can also see Alexis’ related blogpost)
    • Bestsellers
      Knit Picks Podcast: Fantastic Felici - Mint Chip Knit Picks Podcast: Fantastic Felici - Stone Harbour Knit Picks Podcast: Fantastic Felici - Steamer Trunk Knit Picks Podcast: Fantastic Felici - Captain Nemo Knit Picks Podcast: Fantastic Felici - Punch Bug
      Mint Chip, Stone Harbor, Steamer Trunk, Captain Nemo, Punch Bug

While Mint Chip (not Captain Nemo) is the strict bestseller, all of these colors have been roughly as popular as each other (including Captain Nemo). (I’ll offer a public apology to Alexis for putting her on the spot: Sorry, Alexis!)

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