Knitbits: Male Knitters?!

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Men knitting? Can it be true? The joy of knitting has found its way to the male of the species? Knitbits has the scoop.

Mike Dickinson, Knitting for Blokes

Mike Dickieson from Knitting for Blokes

Modern men are discovering the joy of the needles – it’s true!

What? Men knitting? Pull the other one!

It’s true! We have seen it with our own eyes!

You mean, you’ve seen a man knitting in the wild?

Yes! On the train, knitting brazenly without a care in the world!

What was he knitting?

Socks! With double pointed needles!

With those big hands? Surely he couldn’t get around a set of 2.5mm dpns?

He was knitting at the speed of light – and – sometimes looking out the window!

Wonders will never cease! Are there any male knitters on Instagram?

Are you joking?  There are loads! My favourite is The Buzby – check him out here on his instagram, he’s fantastic – he makes shawls and socks for his enchanting wife, moomaloom, an astounding knitter and crocheter herself. (But ssh it’s ok, they have separate stashes!) He’s not alone – check out The Knitting Man, and just look at the hashtag #menwhoknit and you’ll see! There’s a guy in New Zealand called Mike Dickieson, (pictured above) who has a blog called Knitting for Blokes proving that “real Kiwi men knit” – Mike, we salute you!

Surely there are no celebrity male knitters?

Russell Crowe! Well – there IS a photo of Russell Crowe knitting, but it’s a fake – he just picked those needles up for a photo opportunity, sigh. Gladiators don’t really knit.

You’ll be telling me there are male knitwear designers next!

Which century are you living in? Haven’t you ever heard of Martin Storey, knitting’s national treasure? Stephen West? Kaffe Fassett? Rich Ensor? Brandon Mably? And here in our own LoveKnitting HQ, loads of the men can knit – and crochet! Arne & Carlos, that super famous knitting duo are responsible for thousands of knitted Christmas baubles and some pretty funky Scandinavian jumpers! Need I go on?

If you are lucky enough to come across a male knitter:

Do say: “Wow I love that yarn, not many knitters are brave enough to knit transverse herringbone stitch in the round!”

Don’t say: “did you know Russell Crowe knits?”

Do you know any men that knit, or are you a knitting man yourself? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!


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