10 Signs You’re Addicted to Knitting

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Can you remember the first time you cast on? Were you hooked straight away, or did the thrill of knitting build slowly over time, row upon row like a never-ending scarf? Either way you might find yourself in deeper than you thought now, unable to put down the needles or say no to that ball of yarn with 60% off.  Here are 10 signs that you could be addicted to knitting:

  1. Your stash has its own room.

    yarn room

  2. You’ve set up a system with the postman for your yarn deliveries (bonus points if he/she knows your name).


  3. Housework has become an optional luxury, knitting is essential.

  4. Multi-tasking while knitting is your speciality, from watching TV to making dinner.

  5. You can’t leave the house without a ball of yarn. Keys, check. Purse, check. Yarn, check.

    yarn bag

  6. You stay up late knitting, but the next day you vow you’ll get more sleep. You decide to do just one more row… before you know it, it’s 2am again.

  7. Your first thought when you find out someone is expecting a baby is, ooo what can I knit them? Then you remember to congratulate the parents-to-be.

    baby hat knit

  8. Your friends and family know not to interrupt you mid row. They’ve learnt to start their sentences, ‘When you finish that row…’

  9. You’ve only just cast on one project, but you’re already planning the next one in your mind.

  10. There’s never a day when you don’t feel like knitting.

How many habits do you recognize?

Only a couple: you’re a knitting addict newbie, there’s hope for you yet.

Five or more: You’re so tangled in yarn (literally and metaphorically), we’re afraid there’s no turning back now.

All ten: it’s official, you’re crafting crazy and we wouldn’t want to get on your wrong side. The only solution? Embrace the mania and keep knitting – and remember you’re in good company the world over!

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