5 Free Sock Patterns to Make Your Toes Tap

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Before I discovered the world of hand-knit socks, I thought socks were just socks. I couldn’t have been more wrong! Every time I browse the amazing sock patterns that you wonderful knitters have uploaded to our site I see something new and exciting. Here are five recent free patterns that I hope you’ll love as much as me!


June Socks

june socks

Lotta Socks

knitted socks


Eowyn Socks

cable knit socks


Summer Tabi Anklet Socks

summer tabi anklets


Champagne Socks

champagne socks

champagne socks


Do you have a favorite pair of hand-knit socks? If you’ve uploaded a pattern or project to the Community, link to them in the comments below, we’d love to see them!





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