Yarn as an aphrodisiac? New study shouts: “Oh, YES!”

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Plucky crafters now have one more reason to pick up their needles and hooks in public: it turns out that knitting and crocheting doesn’t just make you healthier, happier, and smarter – it makes you sexier, as well.

A newly released study from the Masters & Johnson Institute for Research, based on decades of intensive investigation, suggests that the act of knitting made subjects on average 78% more attractive. Crochet was similarly saucy, showing a 73% increase.

Of course, this only confirms what many makers have suspected for some time. Marilyn, a lifelong knitter, says working on her WIPs frequently whips her husband into a frenzy.

“Mr. Monrow just can’t keep his hands off of me when he sees me cast on. In the beginning it was great, but now I’d give anything to be able to get through more than 5 rows without interruption,” she said when recently approached for her thoughts.

Not all crafters see it as a challenge. “I wouldn’t have half the stash I do if my partner didn’t like crocheting so much,” says Pamela, a crocheter for 10 years. “The only issue I have is figuring out what to do with all my projects.”

So what to do with this new knowledge? Well, pick up a new project, of course! We’ve rounded up the sexiest knitting and crochet patterns to inspire your next project. So take a long, hard look at your overflowing yarn reserves and choose one to pick up. Just be careful where you put the needles down when the mood strikes: an enhanced libido is no help when your WIP is in a tangle!

Fixation Boy Shorts

fixation boy shorts knitting


Fatigued Dress

sexy fatigued knitting dress


Diva Micro Bikini



Grace & Style Set

grace and style


If you have any sexy projects we’d love to see you upload them in our Community here!

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