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When times are difficult, Merion knits. Crafting is the perfect antidote to stress – what do you do when everyday life is a challenge? 


August Loop by Melissa LaBarre

Life is not straightforward lately. Our family has been coping with a terminal cancer diagnosis, and, as the end of that life looms nearer, coping with the practical knitty-gritty of looking after the patient and battling the emotional upset of losing someone we love dearly is very stressful indeed. In circumstances such as these, there is a great need to quiet the mind, or even to divert thoughts to something less painful, just to cope with the passing of time.

Knitting (and crochet) is my salvation in times like this – when the gentle click of the needles and the soothing swathes of colour give me peace and rest.  If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’ll know that this year I have challenged myself with the task of knitting something for myself every month. As an avid knitter and crocheter of gifts, this is a real challenge (how many of you are the same, I wonder? Do you make more for other people than you do for yourself?) but I’m really enjoying it!

This month I have started the beautiful August Loop cowl by Melissa LaBarre, because there has been a ball of Schoppel Wolle Crazy Zauberball in my stash for far too long, just longing to be used! I love these super duper combinations of colour – and the joy of flying from colour to colour not knowing exactly when a change is going to happen – it feels like an adventure!


SchoppelWolle Zauberball


There are other colourways in the Zauberball range, and Merino Zauberball, and the yardage is all but the same, except for one exception – the Zauberball Starke 6 option, which is DK weight. These yarns are great favourites with shawl knitters for good reason, it’s a glorious way of displaying a fabulous array of colour in one piece of knitting!

August Loop has just enough diversion to keep me thinking, with some knit and purl rows for when I need to just chomp stitches (not a technical term, but knitters, you know what I mean!) It’s a play on a ripple pattern – you can see the detail more in this picture:



There is a triple decrease stitch involved, and a k4tog, so I’ll be using some nice pointy needles to reach right through the stitches. This is all preparation for knitting more lace – I’m training my memory to remember stitch sequences, because I am hoping the more I knit lace sequences, the more I will improve!

One thing I’ll be doing is sharing this project on the community! Sharing my knitting and crochet projects has been a very liberating experience and I have been so inspired by other knitters! Lately I have loved Elaine Y‘s projects – she knits and crochets, and I love her colour choices! Her chevron scarf reminded me of how lovely the knitted feather and fan ripple pattern can be – and sent me scuttling off to find the Zauberball in my stash!


Elaine’s Chevron Scarf

We don’t have the same pattern that Elaine used, but we have a very similar one, and you can use any variegated 4ply yarn to achieve a similar effect with Kate Knapp’s Weightless Feather & Fan Scarf  which has been made here in Noro Silk Garden 4ply, or you could use Noro Silk Garden Sock Solo – or indeed one of the gorgeous Schoppel Wolle Zauberballs I’m using (listed above).


Kate Knapp Feather & Fan scarf

Kate Knapp’s Feather & Fan Scarf

These are patterns that are intermediate level, but not so challenging that they aren’t soothing too. Feather and fan (sometimes known as Old Shale) produces a gentle wave but isn’t too difficult to remember. The variegated yarn is a delight as it unfolds – all in all, a great stressbuster!



I’ve uploaded my project to the Community using the HotTag #HappyKnitter because it’s keeping my spirits up when life is difficult! Why not join me, and your fellow makers, and upload a project with the HotTag #HappyKnitter to enter our competition!


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What do you knit when life gets tough? I’d love to hear all about it – and see your pictures in the community!


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