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@iamtoni-the-roomie: Right?! I mean, this yarn is probably 20 years old. But I LOVE Red Heart, especially their baby yarns. They’re super soft!

Am i the only person who doesn’t like how acrylic is made, or what it’s made from? I don’t care about whether it’s soft or not — I care that you’re wearing a plastic next to your skin (or wrapping your baby in plastic) and supporting a high-emission high-waste manufacturing process. There are so many beautiful less harmful fibres to choose from that I have a hard time justifying the presence of acrylic, notwithstanding its versatility as a yarn. Am I alone?

On the one hand, it IS a less environmentally friendly option. On the other, such yarn can be, and often is, made of recycled materials. Cotton growth alone constitutes a considerable portion of the planet’s pesticide use. Wool and angora are often not cruelty-free. If nothing else, acrylic is a more affordable option for crafters who are new to the skill and who might otherwise be put off by the price of quality natural fibers.
Given how much plastic is in our environment, it’s nice to see that some of it can be reused to make beautiful, sturdy things. I can definitely see your point, though! If you dislike acrylic like I dislike angora, I totally support passing it over for other fibers. I suppose it’s a matter of personal choice.

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