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Now that christmas presents have been opened, I can finally show off this years socks! These were inspired by #marimekko patterns, high knee socks for my mom ❤️ #knitstagram #knitter #knitting #socks #finnishdesign

Merry christmas lovely knitters! I’m getting prepared and pumped for the new, more active year by starting an instagram account for theknittingbear, you can follow it @theknittingbear_insta !

I love these! Is there a pattern??

There’s not a complete pattern for these, but you can find the charts for the different figures here. I started the socks with 72 stitches (because they go all the way up to your knee) and decreased wherever it felt best (evenly throughout the sock), resulting in 48 stitches for the heel and til the end. So it takes some level of figuring out yourself how to do the sock, also because you can ix and match the patterns how you want. Hope this helps! 🙂 

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