Vanilla & Lime: the summer cocktail of my choice!

Well… I don’t know if I really would like a cocktail that tastes like vanilla and lime… as strange as this combination would be in a drink, I really like the colours of lime green with vanilla cream together!

I have knitted up this dress in the last weeks. For a long time I wanted to make something light and airy for summer, and I wanted to have a “tailored” look this time. Although I still went for positive ease (about 2 inches) since I generally avoid clothes that are too clingy.

I experimented with the shoulder saddle quite a lot: I added short rows at the front and the back of the “neck-side” of the saddle, and then I picked up stitches from the saddle to make the back and the front parts.

I kept the white stripes at the top only to enhance the shoulders… but the rest of the dress I kept in one colour only — to keep all the drama at the top!

The sleeves were quite a challenge… I had to redo them a couple of times since this stupid texture stitch I chose for the saddle (that continues to the cap sleeve) was really annoying to make with the short rows!
But thankfully they came out all right in the end.
I finished everything up with i-cord edgings, and the hem was done in seed stitch.

It came out slightly too short, since I thought that the 100% cotton yarn would grow much more… well, swatching is not always a guarantee…
(but I might block it out much more aggressively next time I wash this dress… just to gain a little bit more length) — we will see.

Overall I am quite happy with this first try out… I will make another one for sure, since it is incredibly comfy and perfect for summer!!!

you can check out the project on ravelry here or for another version in blue here.

You can find the pattern (and all the lovely projects that have already been made) on Ravelry here
or you can buy the pattern PDF file directly and without leaving this page for 5.30 Euros via paypal, by pressing this button

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