Sneak Peek……

I am about to finish another project that I am working on for quite some time now …..knitting resembles so often the passionate on-and-off relationships of love&hate, doesn’t it?

So here is a little sneak peek of the project that is going to either be my absolute favorite or the worst thing I have knitted — ever!!!
It seems that when you struggle long enough to make something work it can’t be anything in the middle: either it’s going to be a total success or an absolute let-down… funny thing, that!

I redid the pockets at least thrice, the sleeves twice (OK… one of the sleeves, not both of them) and the hem design did not work on the first take either…..
….but now this thing that shall be a cardigan soon starts to look like a project that I might like….. or maybe even love?
Who knows… this relationship might work, after all!!!

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