Simplistic Nights: A stockinette take on Moroccan Nights (the pattern, not the moonlit hours in a mediterranean country)!

Since I made my Moroccan Nights Jumper I wanted to try the same pattern in simple stockinette stitch, without all the texture and cables… but with the boatneck, the short-row-raglan construction and the slight A-line…. I wanted a jumper that would just focus on the cut and design of the jumper:

I finished this simple version yesterday and I really love the fit and drape of this one….

The yarn is a really old “thing” from the 80’s! As you can see there is much going on here…. thick & thin texture (which is quite annoying to work with — be warned!), lots of pastel splashes on a baby-pink background and a pearly shine make this yarn a proud representative of it’s decade!!!
My mom got it back then from a friend who closed down her yarn shop… and 10 balls of it have been waiting forgotten in the closet for the internet to arrive… so that after 30 years of being ignored — this yarn can go global!!!!

I counted to dye the finished jumper in black (so much pink and pearl just frightened me)… but I have to say that now I find it kind of cute!
I might let it live in all it’s 80’s glory of yore!
(The one thing that really won me over is how nice and cool the cotton/viscose blend feels against the skin… a perfect summer garment).

In this jumper I added purled panels on the sides that blend gradually into the ribbing of the hem. I also changed the decreases of the sleeves and made them a little bit tighter and longer…

I wrote all modifications of the pattern in detail on my ravelry project page if you are interested in making one for yourself. You can find it here.

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