I have always admired the luxurious looking yarns from independent indy dyers on ravelry… they seem to be the holy grail for knitters: lovely shades of ecological colours dyed by hand on natural premium quality fibres!

Well, it’s one thing to admire and long for some nice squishy yarn in sumptuous saturated colours and another to feel it, touch it, have it, work with it and finally wear it!
The first three of these wishes were granted to me today:

Yes… I ordered the first (of many I am absolutely sure) batch of genuine indy yarn, by Polo&Co in France, made exclusively out of french wool that is washed, carded and spun on the spot.
The wool is from sheep breeds of central France and even the sheep there all have very elegant names: Black Velay, the Blanche du Massif Central, the Bizet!

This is the Masgot (in worsted weight) and the Masgot Fine (in fingering weight). It is 100% natural wool without any dye: rustic and beautiful original sheep colour!!!

But I had to order some coloured yarn too of course (since I rarely succeed in making one coloured projects) and the point was to get hand-dyed colours anyway….

This colour is hard to describe… it is purple and pink with some almost blue strands. Rustique fine is also 100% wool in fingering weight.

I plan to use this gorgeous mustard colour in a jumper (paired with the natural grey sheep colour) for my next big project: Alpaga is sportweight 80% Alpaca and 20% wool and incredibly soft….

All colours are made out of natural dye that is environment-friendly and biodegradable! They are produced by a small family business and sold via Etsy (you can find the shop here). I don’t know about you, but I always prefer small businesses over big companies… it somehow feels better to give my money to a “real” person like you and me (and the quality is usually much better, since they love what they do and there is no mass production involved).
And another great thing (that shall not be overlooked) is the price: One can find yarns from 5,50 Euros up to 18 Euros in this little Etsy-shop!

All in all I am very excited about this new purchase of mine (and my initiation into indy-yarn) and I will keep you posted about the projects that will emerge out of it…. very soon hopefully!!!!

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