How 'bout another round of cocktails?

The little brother of the Cocktail(Dress), the Cocktail(Jumper) has been released yesterday!

It shares the same construction with it’s bigger sister, but has some features of it’s own to be proud of: a simple diagonal lace pattern on the shoulders that flow into the ¾ sleeves as a decorative panel…

…and a fancy hem that has it’s own lace pattern and a contrast lining (which peeks discreetly through the lace).

Both Cocktail patterns can be found in an eBook I published on ravelry, that is aptly named Shaken, Not Stirred (in reference to the most famous cocktail-drinker out there) and that provides 4 possible modifications that are explained in detail to mix & match ones own version of the two patterns!

The Cocktail(Jumper) pattern alone is available for €5.30 EUR or add to cart
Or you can go over to ravelry to buy the Cocktail(Jumper) pattern and look at the gorgeous projects of others: here.

The Shaken, Not Stirred eBook is available for €9.30 EUR or add to cart

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