Care for a Cocktail?

At last… the Cocktail(Dress) pattern has been published!

This journey was quite a long one, that started with the first model (that you can see here) 2 months ago!

But I wanted to make a perfect pattern for a perfect dress… and then I got carried away and did variations of the dress-pattern (like a jumper version, that I love)
…..and then I got carried away and did a huge mix & match eBook of any possible combination of the two different versions (with detailed modifications that allow to combine elements of the dress and the jumper)!!!!!!

….But this last bit of information must stay between you and me, since it is still in testing phase and will be published in about 2 weeks 😉

Anyway… that’s how 2 months can pass by, without me even noticing!!!
But at last the dress is up for grabs, starting yesterday!!!

And if you decide to buy the dress pattern before the eBook comes out, you will get a huge discount on the eBook!
You will essentially be reimbursed the price of the whole Cocktail(Dress) pattern when you get the eBook in the first week of it’s publication (in the beginning of September)….. I will keep you posted about the exact date of course!

You can check out the project pages of both dresses on ravelry here and here.

The Cocktail(Dress) pattern is available for €5.30 EUR or add to cart
Or you can go over to ravelry to buy the Cocktail(Dress) pattern and look at the gorgeous projects of others: here.

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