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Ace Pride

Custom Baby Dragons

Rainbow/Gay Pride

Solid (Strawberry colored)

Trans Pride


Pansexual Pride


Agender pride



So there is this awesome shop on etsy called GeckoHQ ( https://www.etsy.com/shop/GeckoHQ?ref=l2-shopheader-name) who’s blog on tumblr is @geckohq and they really need help. The business is owned by an autistic transman who is trying to gather funds to get out of his mothers house and get his name changed legally. I can promise that these geckos are high quality and very well made and not to mention absolutely adorable the geckos are on average $20 (USD) if not less and in my opinion absolutely worth it. There are so many options for pride geckos and nonpride geckos all of which are of the same quality. They are great for stimming especially their multicolor selection (which are not included in the above pictures) which come in little and big squishes created for the purpose of stimming. Please if you can’t afford one, signal boost, anything helps. 

Underpriced if you ask me! Definitely buying one of these.

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